Oh wonder, wonder, wonder. I love to wonder while I whistle or is it whistle while I wonder. Actually I'm a  stinky whistler so I don't whistle while I wonder. But I do make things which to me often feels like whistling while I'm wondering. Some things I make have names like drawing, collage, or print and some things I make have no name until I give them one. Those nameless things are sprinkled around my studio and life and help me to make those other things with names. 

Ever since I was a little, my favorite time is when my hands are moving in some form of making something.

As for school, I went to undergraduate in St. Louis, Mo and studied illustration at Washington University. A few years later I moved to New York and got an MFA at the School of Visual Arts.

Now, I live, eat, play, scribble my way in Brooklyn.  I really love children's picture books and am wondering my way to making them. Stay tuned for what those picture book names will be.



Winner of the NJ-SCBWI 2015 Conference Juried Art Show for Pre-published Illustrator 

Honor Children's Book Portfolio Award Winner at the 2014 LA SCBWI Summer Conference